Tuesday, November 16, 2010


...or maybe i should start saying, "Hello there, I hope your day has been as beautiful as morning sun after a night of cold hard rain" LOL! Im sorry, im just being an insufferably bored arse :s


I did remember promising to blog on Sunday after resting from exams...but...hor...i erm, got lazy :x Anyway, nothing much to talk about other than having Jp class in the morning and coming home and comatose-ing for the remaining of the day... i sound so rest deprived huh? T_T and to think this week will be even worse >_> with extra classes for last exams and work and studying and exams and more work...arghhhhh x.x ima gonna go into bonkers overdrive ._.

So, my conclusion is, i always have valid reasons for not bloggin :p so must always love me and come visit me de hor? And also lately, have been finding it hard to blog at home, coz im constantly distracted by alot of things. Somehow, there seems to be no peace and quiet and i eventually end up staring at the post for hours n hours n hoursss .... @_@;

*this post itself im finishing on a Friday..:x*

Ok la, mai divert dy...where was i? Oh, thats it really LOL! Sad huh? Ah yes, now i remember the other reason i didnt blog dy, i was busy fiddling ard with Photoshop Cs5! Finally got it up and running on my pc dy and didnt really hv the chance to play ard with it and also to watch the tutorials on how actually to get abt playing with it lolol...Youtube tutorials ftw!

Managed to get a rather, sort of, kind of decent de edited audi pic out :D but cant post it here, coz well, im at work and im using the Mac lappy coz fr the past week my pc has been unable to access to net.. tmd, dam annoying can? I really bth the networking in this office, feel like unplugging the whole damn thing and redoing it myself ._.

So, if u guys are wondering where that pic is...im using it as my FB proffy pic rofl :x Im vain that way... and i like to show the whole world my noobish attempts on being artistic T_T... im being so harsh on myself *sniffs*

LOL! Thats it, ive officially lost it thinking of how my next weeks is gonna be mental torture on me... walao i might just go bananas leh.. sked or not? :s

Ok la, enuf of insanity and time to move on to next post .... tatas!

P.s. Net connection died halfway during the writing of this post hence makin me too damn pissed to continue till well, its now almost 2am... Blahs.

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