Monday, November 1, 2010

I run to you....!!

Sorry for the nonsense title of this post, was listening to my blog song and didnt know wat to put there, so .... :x Anyway...


Ps for the lack of posting over the weekend, or rather no posting at all, even tho i had a long bery lazy la... that and also the fact that ive been sleeping like there's no tomorrow x.x Seriously leh, i think i slept more than 15hrs on Saturday itself :S Sis was goin on about not seeing me awake long enuf to talk to me n get a reply coz the minute she turned ard i already zzzz dy @_@;; I dono why im so tired also la, mentally awake coz i was having bladi weird dreams ._. but body like dont wanna get out of bed :(

Not that i was sleeping the WHOLE time la, i did watch some...animes, and ended having to rewatch coz i eh.. fell asleep halfway :S and the fact that it was raining most of the times did not really help..the weather really bth x.x and predicted this whole week to be even more rain :@ i foresee some places flooded dy in here lol... too bad my place wont flood one, then no need work.. LOL :x

Happy thing i look forward too this week is, Flyday bo work~ Muahahahaha!! Happy Deepavali in advance!! Lolololol :x

Fug la, its so cold that im sneezing non stop dy, or is somebody talking about me! ;wild

And the fact that its so bladi cold makes me so sked to go bath T^T I havent even stepped in the bathroom my mo kui all standing liao leh!

So what else have i been up to this weekend? Well not much ba, the rain tends to bring out the 'best' in a person by making a person lazy to do anything else :p But im guessing that only applies to me coz even with the heavy rain, the roads were jam packed...according to mum who oh so rajin-ly went shopping lolz. Jp class on a Sunday morning was the only time i was out the house and even then on the way back i was swearing n cursing all the ppl who were out driving in such an incorrigible weather ._.

Have been goin back to watching online animes again lol, and well wat else? Marathon watching lor, i dont like watching halfway and having to wait lol, i rather wait till all the epis are out :p No wonder sis doesnt like watching with me... say i watch too fast T^T ...i think i get too carried away coz i ended up finishing one anime at work :XX

Read that audi is having patch on Tueday, new modes wor, hmm.. time to go back n check it out when its done :x One glitch is my messenger dieded dy, which makes it not fun..coz i need my messenger! :s

Oh well, gonna be having a quiet week ahead coz lady boss will be away for seminar on Tues and Wed and well the husband dont really ask me to do alot of stuff and most of the times he's in his room lol. So yay! Momentary burst of happiness for these 2 days! :@

Can Friday come again now? LOL :x

P.s. Sometimes, even a thousand rights could nvr mend one wrong? :)

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