Thursday, November 18, 2010

Should i?

Im so sleepy i think im gonna drop dead right here, right nao :x If ur asking why, i dont wanna tell u just yet.. LOL! Wait ba, the reasons behind my insomnia shall soon reveal itself.. tho fears of kena saying 'huo gai' come to mind.. :S Mai ane le, be nice wor :p Besides, i dont knw how long this current interest will be ard, it might be gone in a cpl of weeks time hurhur xD

I wonder why i always explain why i dont blog...hmmmmm.. Its shdnt really matter coz if u guys love me enuf, u will check regardless of the updates (or the lack of it) right? LOL! <- BPS to the max person talking :x

Ok la, the honest truth was, i was seriously NOT in the mood ._. Not only did i have to work on Wednesday when majority of ppl were sleeping happily, neither was it coz it was raining like *&6783asdjaf that day, but also that i hab no consolation this weekend to make up for my lousy week coz im having extra lessons fr exams next week T_________________________T

Kill me nao ba :(

Now to the topic of what my title post is referring to,

On a very random note, ive been contemplating to make my blog sound more sophisticated and profound..Now why this sudden thought? Well actually its been there for awhile now, just nvr really executed lol. Now im a constant reader of blogs, no matter who's it is, not coz im kepo or what la (well sometimes i am :x) but because i like to see how ppl put words into their emotions, hw they express their feeling, and believe me, sometimes i feel the exact same emotions as they are and wonder, why the hell couldnt i say it like that?

I hope ur not reading my blog for any other reason that u absolutely love me to death? T_T;

Im more of a M16 sort of person, when its bullet filled, it comes out like nobody's business, bt when its empty....nothing, nada, zilch. Lol. Im like an extreme opposite...of MYSELF. Cool right? :XXX

Let me give u an example frm i blog i follow of a certain someone, who i knw who she is, but she doesnt who the hell i am lolol... i feel so transparent wtf, but thats another story ._.

"Coloring the darkness that fills this hole are the cruelty forged in the depths of man’s heart. Blocking the rays of hope out are the cowardice of man’s ignorance. Silencing the screams of help are the layers of sarcasm binding in man’s words. Losing the last of goodwill are the selfishness of man’s desire to outshine all others."

And mind u, she's actually talking abt a dream she had last nite... chim right? Lol.

So, what do you think? Shall i start a new way to saying what i feel, coz some parts of me are abit like her ^ but then i try to not make life sound so hopeless, even tho it is at times lol, or shall i continue sounding like a cartoon and leading ppl to believe im actually very young girl nia (in other words, an airhead ._.) ?

Must tell me ar, if not, ima spout Hamlet and other Shakespearean works here till u die from overexposure to incomprehensible and over the top drama :x (Shakespeare lovers please dont hate me, i actually really love his works D:)

Summary, MUST TELL ME! ;wild

P.s. I was driving when i thought of this, and it sounded much nicer then T_T i need mobile blogging! Lol hopeless.. >_>

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