Friday, June 4, 2010

Yay! Friday is finally here and goneee!! :D

My hopes that all will go well, turned out erm much to expectation haha.. not much incidents at work other than busy-ness but its still ok. Made my day move just a little bit more faster :D Colleague ended up leaving at half day, that jerk =.= On a bright side, boss' wife is teaching me more stuff and im learning more abt the business than b4, a positive to look at that is. Negative side would be me doing all his work =.= Till that day comes, ima act dumb :p

Had lunch with sis at QB, and she brought me to Johnny's. Despite all the bad rappo ive been hearing abt that place, it turned out..hmm..ok la. Im not saying the service was excellent but still acceptable lol. Maybe im not tat demanding, or maybe they caught me on a good day? :p

Forgot to take pics coz was rushing through lunch actually. Needed to go to the bank and get sis to help me pay up my citibank debts. AND YES! Another card has reached its freedom! Lol :X Ima happy babe on a Fly-day~

Anyway, had the hot and spicy fried rice, which was not spicy at all..well not to me.. But the sambal was yummy! Sis had mushroom chicken rice which was also ok la, for the price :) Also had something fancy on the menu, ravioli soup.. which actually looked like Sui Kow =.= LOL! Oh wells, not bad if not for the overwhelming taugeh taste x.x

Surprisingly, managed to leave work early and went home to slack ard. Was determined to clean up my desktop and now... TADA!!!

I hearts my new desktop.. it looks so so neat! T____T and
i found the cute icons to replace the fugly default ones :D

Lol...wad la, dont u agree it looks way much better? :x

Played abit of audi, as in normal games :x It was overall a good nite except when i received an sms from boss asking me if im free to go over for a site inspection at the house of the client that has been giving me so much problem since he refuse to answer their calls. Yes, this is the one the boss was trying to teach me hw to handle and ask me to tell them off =.= So i wonder, why does he need me to go then? He scared they will fug him ar? Want me hold his hand and go in? >_>

I..did not reply =.= He can go fug wall.

Other than that, it was good nite lol. Played abit audi, tagged abit of hearts and oh, joined compy as well and died the 1st rd =.= My fs modes sucks nowadays since there are so many new moves and sometimes i end up with pressing dono wad zzzZZzzzZZ.....

Despite it all, am still very excited that i dont hv to wake up early for 2 whole days! Yay!!

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