Thursday, June 17, 2010


Busy busy busy~! And kinda happy that its finally Thursday... So far things have been kinda chaotic, why i dont really know. I mean yea we have projects going on, bt its actually kinda small and the kind of hoo haa hype they get their self into seems to feel like the projects are actually worth millions ._.

Chill guys! Gosh..

Like ytd morning, they got so hyped over nothing and try to pull in to their vortex of unneccessary crazed frenzy, i just heard what they had to say and once they hang up, i went back to enjoyin my morning coffee and bread =.= Seriously ppl, get a grip! And they call themselves pros in this line. Bahs.

It may sound like i dont give a damn abt work, which actually is true but still despite the grumbling, whining and what nots, i still get the job done by the end of the day. Unless they suddenly changed their mind...which happens alot. Hence ive learnt to live with their fickle minded-ness. No wonder im so unstable. I have unstable bosses =.= LOL :x

Oh work... how i love thee... >_>

Nothing much in the evening..Jp class...came home..audied abit..watched tv abit and slept early lol.. im trying to turn in earlier nowadays coz seriously i look like a walking zombie T^T. And tat waka waka song is still in my dreams. Geeeezzz!

And oh ya, thinking of privatising my blog by invitation only coz erm...i can? Lol. No la i just feel like it :x So im gonna be posting invites to whoever who comes soon, so tell me if u didnt get it coz really, except for a few, i dont know who visits here anymore ._. Dont worry, u jz need to enter ur emails once and it will register to ur ip and u wont have to key it in everytime..i think :X

Back to work! Goin out to meet the electrician soon :) Have a great Thursday ya!

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