Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh yayayaya....! Watched "Its Complicated" yesterday afternoon...

....and i loved it! Extremely hillarious and fun! :D Meryl Streep is funny as hell here and wonderful chemistry with Alec Baldwin though he is kinda...hmmm...distorted recently :x Especially the last part when he comes in her room and strips naked not knowing she's on webcam with another person (Steve Martin) and uses the laptop to block his erm...hmmm..u know. The reaction from Steve was really epic. LOL!

If ur anything like me and need to watch movies looong after they've shown in the cinemas AND have to resort to getting DVDs (RM10 for 3 :p) then by all means GO BUY AND WATCH IT!

Laugh si you for sure...and it surely made my day :)

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