Wednesday, June 9, 2010 x.x

Oh ya, before that, i rewarded myself with a Sub for lunch! Hahahaha!!! :X It was yummy ok? Meatball marinara :S Golly... Didnt manage to take pics of it coz was in a rush, yea even lunch time i dont have time to rest coz even when they see me eating in the office, they still ask me to do things =.= Asses right? Think next time, i shall just take the whole hr OUTSIDE of the freaking office zzzzz...

And and! I bought this when i went to Popular Book Store.....~

And then it got decapitated T^T~

Its a pencil sharpener la! :D With an eraser on top!! :DD *grins widely*

Rofl :x Sorry for being lame, but i realised my work recently has made me kind of moronic ._. Seriously, ive become an idiot. Even when i was in Jp class today, i was mumbling and saying things that i didnt even know i was saying =.= Well, according to my sis la, i was like repeating the same sentence over and over again even after they had moved on >_>

Bah! :S

Anyway, work is slowly getting to be a real pain in my cute behind and ive sort of losing my cool when it comes to the bosses. I mean, come on, im not asking for commendation but dont give me accusations too. I do what i can in the time given to me, talk is always easy esp if ur not the one doing it. But i always manage to do it. Problem is now, i dont like doing it for u =.=

Im rambling i know. Bahs again.

Tomoro is gonna an even worser day, have to deal with this hse which we have been doing for almost 1yr and still cant complete. I dono la, tat hse really suay man lol. Alot of problems keep coming up when we try to repair it. I cringe to think of what will happen tomoro. One thing i know for sure, Im gonna be so dead.

Bahs again and again and again and again.............

Cest la vie non? In my case, moi fugged la vie =.=

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