Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Thursday!! :D

Cant believe one more day and its the weekends! And the reason im so cheery in my otherwise so far dreary week, its that i just realised there's no work on Saturday! AND i dont have JP class on Sunday!! Omgomgomg *happy dancing across room*!! 2 days of sleeping in and not having to wake up at 9! *faints from excessive happiness* T__________T;;;

Its been a crazy day yet again at work. But then again wats new eh? After 1 1/2 days of not working, i didnt expect lesser than a storm at work =.= Colleague outdone himself yet again as well, crapping over his work and me cleaning up after him. And he has the cheek to show face, wtf. I was only too busy trying to undo his mess, if not, his brains would be splattered all over his table =.= Idiotic ego-ical basket.

And still having to take shit frm a client coz my boss refuses to answer her calls. FML!

Well enuf of the HAPPY parts ._.

Just came back from Jp class, cant believe its almost at the end. Well, end of the elementary lvl that is lolol :X I have a premonition he's so gonna speed through the remaining chapters. And its at the most important part, like adjectives and nouns, etc etc.

Anyway, came home and audied 'normally' with dc ppl lol. But i must say, i didnt do as bad as the 1st time i went through audi's tag-a-thon. Safe to say, ive gotten used to the mindless tagging to the point i can switch my brains on and off when i feel like it. LOL! get.... to.... 61 @____@;;

Somehow even typing the word 'tag' makes me feel nauseous x.x Next up, new ring? Maybe, as soon as i can managed to start t.. ta... taa.... well, u know the word =.=

Oh ya, have just fallen in love with something and its into my every growing "Must have" list!

Harajuku Fragances! Dam cute little things which im determined to have!
Sis showed me on ebay ytd and well, i just! D:

Oh well, despite sleeping like 10pm ytd till the next morning, i still feel extremely tired. But then again, im always sleepy =.= I just love my friggin bed too much! MY BED ROX!

Lol.. signs of lack of sleep. Oh wells, only one thing to do then... SLEEP!


P/s: Must pay phone bill tomoro! Musttttt! :x

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