Saturday, June 5, 2010 mum and sis today! O_O;;

Surprised? Me too lol. Well i figured its been ages since i did it, and since it was a public hol, might as well ba :) And also wanted to get a new bag... which i did! :DDD

*will put pic in later coz i cant find my cable -.-*

Though it was like a super fast shopping thing, coz the pet place which we always drop our dog when we go out shopping was closed and they opened it up for us juz for a cpl of hrs. Bt considering the bad bad crazy jam we had to endure just to reach Prangin Mall and back, we only had less than 2hrs to shop and hv lunch ._. I dono why we couldnt have just left the dog at home. It kinda felt like those shopping game shows last time which u had to get in, buy ur stuff and leave as soon as possible. Lol x.x

But got mum a new bag which according to sis, she's been eyeing for awhile now. So, nows she's happy...lolz which is good for me :D

Came home, rested abit, audied abit, well actually afked abit lol... oh ya, tried out the new couple bp and since babe wasnt ard, jx helped play with me so that i could see what it was all about. Kinda cool i must say and quite easy to win, well for songs 100 and under la...anything above 110 then gg dy... It has to be married cpls coz on top of dens we also earn cpl hearts. No wonder i keep seeing cpls playing this now =.=

The hidden npc's so damn cute can!

When this 2 come out means the npc will not be drained.. i couldnt help bt laugh at this 2! According to jx, there are other types of avas too.. Babe! i wanna play la! U doink head =.=

So, played one at each speed just to see where i will actually start dying lol.. but was dead tired instead and blurry after alot of c9 playin earlier =.=

Am having a cold suddenly, dono why but dam irritated can? I dont even think i kena rain earlier when i was out. Sheesh.. Damn my sinus problems. Its like non stop de. Very pissed off now ._. Need to go lie down and play dead then it will stop =.=

Mum and sis went to mall again at nite to claim a 10bucks voucher lol. I was too tired to get my butt outta chair dy so didnt follow them lol x.x But they got ice kacang ! Yummy :D With my cold its like totally :p But still, im happy things are kinda better now at home than b4. I dono, but hopefully it stays tat way for awhile :)

Well, thats my saturday and to think i still have sunday :3

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