Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rainy Monday & Sunny Tuesday..

And to come back to a hot hot office because they switched off my aircon for *cost saving* measures is just ridiculous =.= especially when im out under the hot, sweltering sun and hoping for some cool air in the office.

To make things worse, my aircon is like 1million yrs old thus takes abt 1million yrs b4 i feel any cool air. Sheesh =.=

Monday was the complete opposite though, it rained and rained and rained through the nite till the morning till the afternoon till alot of parts of Penang actually flooded! Why didnt it rain when i was at home on Sunday?? RAWR!! I almost couldnt get out of bed and felt a kind of sickness comin over me :x

Anyway, work has hectic as predicted and rushing for completion is not fun esp if u have a undecided and picky as hell de owner. But then again, thats life eh? If only all work were fun and enjoyable and we can do what we want... LOL! :x

Despite it being an awfully tiring day, i did get to the one thing that gave me momentary happiness....me reaching 61! :DD Didnt really think i would coz i was tired as hell when i got home but still the 5% was really bugging me... :X So i did it hehe :D

And i got my Lvl 61 set too...which i used to say looked kuku but i think i carry it off nicely
...dont u think Sotong? :p

Now for my new ring....which is still so far away T^T~ If only i get to cbp more often..hmmm...

Oh wells, ima prolly gonna reward myself with a new set for my hardwork and determination to get to this lvl...LOL :X WADDD! ._.

Back to me doing labour jobs, and running to and fro to hardware shop ._. Yay for me! I just friggin love my work so friggin much !!!

P.s. Just now i went to collect and send machines for repairing and the uncle which was suppose the boss and my regular repairer suddenly called out to me, "Lai sui cha bor, come inside and wait" LOLOLOL! OMFG so dam shocked and ps :x But then i think he eng siu me only la *poutssss* T^T

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