Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday - Part 2!

Sorry this came in abit late, i sorta forgot to save another post for Sunday and realised its not sunday anymore! T_T But no Monday blues this week :p

Ima ditching work...muahahahahaha :X Hopefully all goes well with my interview though D:

Had a good sunday with my sis today...well sort of if not for the horrid jam in Penang....AND I MEAN ALL OVER PENANG! jkJAJDAKFAmnfksajmalfmasl =.=*

Alot of out of towners i guess and we were stuck in the worst place possible. Gurney Drive >_>! Thank goodness we didnt decide to go to town ;wild

After ditching patchie at the doggie place, we went...well attempted to go to Gurney plaza. Scrapped that with the screwed up jam and no parking at all ._. Instead went straight to Midlands to get my DVD's ♥

Honestly, Midlands is a very sad deserted and vacant shop lots everywhere bt its a dvd haven for most of the locals here :p So loitered ard in that ghostly mall and went to get mouse for mum coz her's is like out of control. And i got 6 DVD's!!! Hurhur xD

And i got thesee.......

Kirei ne? :D My RM10 for 3 earrings lolol :p

After that took doggie back, stuck stuck stuck in jam again and finally reached home sweet home...just to quickly switch on all airconds and hide in house :x Hot ok!

And started on my movies galore :DD!! Well, not really new movies la...and when i mean not new, its sort of like...ermm...less than 1yr de movies x.x waddddd...i havent been goin to the movies for a very long time liao ok? :(

So watched...

Alice in Wonderland

Ok, relatively new one this one. Wonderful graphic play and makeup & costumes were amazing. Loved the main chars as well...esp Johnny Depp ♥ One of my fav non conventional actors :D and not forgetting Helena Bonham Carter, one cool chica ;) Amusing in some parts though the storyline was abit hmmm...i dono book adaptations dont seem to really work for me, unless ive nvr read the book version.


Angels and Demons~

Ok, i didnt read the book version of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons hence i found it interesting. Alot of plots and twists and turns here and there and its nvr wrong with Tom Hanks as the main character :D Though i dono what my opinion would be if i did read the book...hmmm..well i didnt so thats that :x Im very intrigued with the codings and symbols part of it :p Anyway, as usual, there is always a surprise at the end with his book on who the real culprit really is, so ok la, not bad overall ;)

Now for something random.

Yes, that is my really china made dvd player in my room. Mum actually got it from her china buddy who brought it in from....china. Lol :X The reason why u see a dvd box under it is coz, well, its dying :S and its making weird to make those weird sounds go away i have to resort to doing this :x I need a new player :(

And i need a Polaroid camera so that i can take much more prettier piccys!

Ok, random again ._.

Have a great week ahead...mine hasnt started yet :P

So what shd i watch next? ;)

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