Sunday, June 13, 2010


Im...very..sleepy x.x Just came back not too long ago after sending mum to the airport coz she's meeting up with bro in KL who went to Melaka for his company's Family Day thing. Its their so called, mother and son shopping at Ikea's lol... =.=

And i nvr knew it was so hard to go to KL.... well with mum that is lol. We drew maps, printed pictures of the buses and trains she should take, even google mapped for her o.o. Even after droppin her at the airport and telling her where to check in and get her tickets, she called 15mins later to ask if she should go to the sales counter O_O; So i turned back and walked in the airport just to make sure she doesnt end up in Abu Dhabi ... @_@;

Came back home and going out again soon though to send dog for its professional once a month clean up lol.. :x Maybe go do some window shopping with sis and get some NEW dvd's to watch instead of watching the same shows over and over and over and over again... =.=

Saturday was gone fast, though in the morning work was kinda free...for like 1hr before the chaos set in again ._. Phone calls after phone calls, one after another, clients coming to the office, suppliers coming to the office, paperwork to finish up (coz im ditching work on Monday :p....for an interview ok :D) The client which i feared the most also kept calling up and AFTER ALL that, i left work late and still had to go to her house and take the rubbish that we left behind after the rectification works on Thursday to throw =.= FML yet again.

Says her husband tried carrying it but it was all stones inside bla bla, and annoyed that we left it there and refused to listen to why we did. It was becoz we already asked the workers and they said the rubbish ppl do take it away. Hw the hell shd i knw they wouldnt this time? Now im annoyed.

She's somewhat like my fker boss, who accuses ppl and when realised they have wrongly accused, refused to accept that fact and still stand on their earlier grd. Even though they were WRONG. Ego man EGO!

Oh wells, took the rubbish to the large garbage area and guess wat? The stones fell out of the bag and into my car zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! Great. I love my saturday.

Anyway, reached home and cleaned the poor thing...since i havent been for a loooong time now :X and now she's all purdee again :DD

Guess thats about uneventful day and well the rest of the day was spent mindlessly in front of the pc ...Lol :S Oh shuuush, bite me ._.

Gonna go off now, in hopes of making myself happy by spending money recklessly..LOL!


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