Sunday, June 27, 2010

On a Sunday Morning~

.. and i just finished my nihon no shukudai *pouts* Very sleeepy now....*pouts again*..

But but but! 1st things 1st....



The afternoon 2nd interview was just a formality and they just wanted to see me again and look through my resume..abit of chit chat...and TADA! New job :D And best part is...more pay..way more and not as tiring...physically i mean :) Well, hoping for the best in this new company which i will be starting end of next month. Pray that im goin to have a more tolerable boss ;)

Mum has a new lappy after my last acer one dieded and is in a coma for a week now.. Sadded case coz even with numerous attempts to resusitate, it still refuse to wake up. It was my bestest companion when i was all alone working in KL, accompanying me throughout all my lonely nights T^T~ R.I.P my good friend....

Ok enuf is the new addition to our electronic family :)

Toshiba Satellite L645 :p Kinda cool also la... Hmmph!

Anyway, didnt do much except tag tag hearts..1.5k left T_T so far yet so near...In the middle of game, mum pushed an old new table to my room. Reason why i say old new is coz, its relatively new looking but bought ages ago :x There must be a reason why i didnt use it the other time...Oh wells, continuing my story, she pushed it beside my old table and this is what happened,

Mum: U wanna change to this table bo?
Me: Erm, why? Now?
Mum: Coz im clearing the back, and this is excess. Now cant change ar? Ur playing?
Me: Hmmm (is tagging considered playing?)....arh..ok i change.
Mum: Well, if u dont wan nvm, i take back to the back room *got knife liao la this sentence*
Me: Ok la, i change NOW *regardless of how much work is needed to take out all my stuff from my old table*

*pouts* I nvr can win =.=

So this is it... my extremely high table and suddenly very bright area =.= *now i know why i never used it*

So neat right? Bt abit small :( And i need a new cooler kb :(((

My wrist is still giving me problems at the moment..and its going to my thumb area hence making it painful to press space bar :( Sadded... do i need to go to the sinseh again?

Random shot of my poor hand :x Pain la :(

Ok, stop the lame-ness and time for bed and dream of my Jp homework =.=

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