Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Extremely sleepy Tuesday T^T!

Well, good thing im so bombarded with work since i played hookey ytd ._. And the reason why im still able to update despite having tons and tons of crap to do is coz the crap is nvr gonna finish so might as well take a breather once in awhile.. no? :D

Not that i really have anything to put here. Hmmm..

A feeling of coldness is coming over me,
No more warmth, no more covers to comfort me,
Time has moved back and i suddenly find myself back to where we were before,
Feelings of indifference and distance,
This cycle of hurt has somewhat numbed me,
Soon, it will be a memory which i will barely remember.

Like i said, i have nothing to write. Just being random :)

P.s. Tu me manques, mai pensez-vous de moi.. ♥

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