Friday, June 11, 2010


Finally TGIF!! :D

Thank goodness.....i almost died from work today and suddenly came in contact with a very old friend of mine. Not related in any way the both things that happened to me today but still it was sort of like the ying and yang of it. More like.....the good and bad of it ;)

The good 1st...

I suddenly received an sms from a very old school friend of mine today. She was one of the few close friends i had when i was in Form 1 up to Form 3 and every Hari Raya and hols i would always go to her house and we would go house hopping and eat till we couldnt eat no more. Lol..And though i was immensely busy that day having to run ard non stop to office and shop and site, her sms came as sort of a calm me down-er and took some of the stress off coz it reminded me of the days when my worries were what show i wanted to watch after school or where we wanted to go to lepak lol..

Yes, i lepak-ed at that age. I dono why so dont ask =.=

She asked me normal stuff, hw im doing, how was work, etc etc.. lol But in those few smses that we exchanged brought back alot of good memories and how much happier i was when i was in school. Man, if given the chance, i would go back even if it was just for one day. The lame things that we did, the pranks, the idolising of these guys....

NKOTB - New Kids on The Block..LOL! Remember them?!?

Hey, dont judge me. They were super cool last time and she reminded me by asking "Do u remember how crazy we were over them?" LOL! Who could forget la....The omg omg he's so cute, the fantasizing, the books and magazines we bought just to keep informed about them.. yea, the whole teen craze thing going on :x

I even have an autobiography book given to me by my dad that time and i was like the coolest person in school that time. LOL! Yes, i know right =.=

Anyway, it was a short convo which brought back alot of fond memories and i gotta thank her for making my day that less frustrating :)

And now the bad..

Well, come to think of it i dont have much feelings about it anymore now lol. Maybe coz ive actually cooled down and is more rational as oppose to the insane me on the actual day x.x Started work b4 9 and ended at 8plus pm. Non stop. Carrying ladders, paints, throwing out broken tiles, mopping the site aftermath, to and fro the shop xN times to get supplies, cement, brush..bla bla etc etc. I think i logged abt 100km fr a site which actually only takes me 10mins to reach. Thats hw many times i drove to and fro ._.

All for a site which has already been handed over and my boss does not have the guts to tell the houseowners enuf is enuf. So in the end, im the one who does all the shit =.= FML.

The worse part is, not the work itself, i can handle the work and though i complain coz it really is tiring , i still make sure i do it. What i cant stand is the fact that after i finally was done, they were still sms'ing me to ask if i had done other things. Which sounded like i hadnt been doing anything at all. Sigh.

Well, interview on Monday. I hope i get to leave this god forsaken place soon. And to think they proclaim to be Christians. I have NO comments. Wish me luck :)

Didnt do much when i got hm though, my arms were lying dead by the sides and as soon as i bathed, i hit the sack and str8 coma'ed lol..

Oh wells, all in a days work. Though i would like to blame someone for the shitty position and dilemma im in, i shant. Ill just have to try harder and get another job ^^;

Weekends soon! Resting time :D~!


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