Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farewell Weekends T^T

...and here comes the dreaded Monday :(

Didnt do much except, woke up, dragged body out of bed, went to Jp class, came home, had lunch, oinked for 2hrs, tagged hearts, oinked somemore :x, camped in mall in audi (omg im so addicted :X), tagged somemore hearts, played with babe a few rds, tagged somemore, and VOILA end of Sunday. Fun wasnt it? :DD

And oh ya, beggeddddd bro for a new movie to watch coz ive been watching all the dvd's in the hse at least 4times =.= What la....i need entertainment when i tag ma...abo sian die me :( Not tht my cpl is ard ok? *hints*

Well, he gave me this to watch...

Another remake of an old show...The Wolfman.

Which wasnt all that bad. Benicio del Toro wor...well at least thats wat my brother said when he handed it to me. Alot of ripping of body parts, intestines, head rolling, arms being flung...that sort of thing. If u like gore then this is the movie for not so much *gacks*

Didnt really like the ending though...kinda letdown. But then all good body slicers must come to their end, regardless of how cool they were..Lol :X

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