Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday is ending...and i dread thinking of going back to work tomoro x.x

Oh well, all good things must come to an end, if only they always appear and then the phrase, all good things comes in small packages, comes to mind...oh fk it, who am i kidding? I wan the weekends to come and nvr ever ever leave meeeeeeeee D: Boo!

So, how was my extended weekend? Didnt really feel like much of an off day. Well actually i ditched work...last min :p I know, my sis ive changed coz i wouldnt even dare to not go to work last time. I blame it on the job! It has made me not give 150% on the job... Lol... :((

Anyway, had the job interview in the morning and i felt it was alright. Its still in the same line as im doing..just that i get to be more focused on handling projects instead doing all the chap chap and nonsense stuff which does not concern me here ._.

I really wonder if they thought they could add my job descriptions as time went by..on a daily basis...they seriously nvr fail to surprise me with their inconsiderateness.. pffft!

Well the job is kinda a high end type of company, doing soft furnishings imported frm Europe mainly and im gonna be coordinating with the sales managers on purchasing those items. Seems kinda interesting so hopefully i get some good news soon. Anything to leave this place ><.

Came home and looked at other jobs for interviews..trying to keep my options wider and not put all my eggs in just one basket. growing mama. LOL! :x

And then tagged hearts :x Shhhhhh! I know i said i wouldnt anymore, but being the ocd freak that i am, i just cant resist not to ._. Blah me. Im still feeling the same way as i did ytd night. Lost.

And and and! I didnt sleep in the afternoon! Omgosh, im really surprised that i managed to stay aliv...i mean awake the entire afternoon though there were countless times i really wanted to sleep. Bah.

Gonna head off to bed soon, thinking of watching The Tooth Fairy with the Rock as the main char...i wonder if its nice.. hmmm.. Oh ya, watched Its Complicated this afternoon. Loved it! Will talk about it tomoro lol..

Now i go koon dy! Niteessss!

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