Sunday, June 6, 2010

My beautiful Sunday~ :)

Literally, i mean i really a wonderful weekend. The not having to wake up early, the cooling weather to sleep in and the peace and quiet was just...blissful ♥

And since i already spent the day out on Sat, decided to just rot at home on Sunday instead :DD! Woke up early though, but was in and out of consciousness throughout the day lolol :x

Oh ya! Just managed to get this out of my phone after searching high and low for my phone cable...which was actually found in my bro's room ._.

My new bag!! ♥ Cool right?!
And got a new purse which mum got fr me, but not shown here la :p

Mum and bro were out the entire day, and i was in and out of audi the whole day ;) When they came back, they also brought back yummylicious seafood mee goreng and the prawns were like omfg humongous can? They also bought KANI! Crab crab! Its a pity i didnt take any pics of it..and no it wasnt coz i was in a rush to dig in..=.=

Times like this i really wish i had bought a polaroid camera...Looooool :x Then i could have taken cool pics ok! T_T

My lansi who went to genting babe, came home and we finally played CBP. Seriously, cpl mode is not one of my favs, bt i kinda like tis mode and it sucks that i suck at it ._. Went to exp compy too but dieded in the 1st rd wtf and it was S8 ok! Wtfs again and again and again >_>

Did more CBP after tat and babe chose the 120's de songs ._. Alot of almost wins but as i said, cpl mode sometimes stresses me out, esp when im playing with the zhu tou. Summary, there was alot of pek chekness >_> Though in the end we did win a 120 de bp :D Which was bery cool haha :p

Another of the hidden npc for the 122bpm song lol :D Extreme cuteness ♥

So that was that, my Sunday slowly leaving me *sobs* And i cant friggin believe its raining cats and dogs now =.= Why didnt it rain this heavily during the past 2 days! ._. FML man...

Well..hopefully the week will be a good one and lets pray for another long weekend for me ne ;) *flips through calendar* T^T~

Have a wonderful week ahead all! ♥♥

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