Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rest time!

Saturdayyyyy! ♥

...and so far its been an ok one. Havent really been doing much work though :S hey its been awhile since my Saturday has been this quiet and the bosses n client not coming in and staying the entire morning.. But there's still 2hrs b4 i actually finish work so im hoping they dont come in AT all...or they come after ive left :x

Ytd was tiring as expected coz we were clearing debris from the project site and the head of the workers was on 'mogok' mode and didnt come over to work so i had to watch the workers closely to make sure everything went on smoothly. Plus it was raining the entire afternoon ._. Body ached like hell when i reached home and took a bath and somehow i managed to hurt my wrist. Now i cant move my left hand fingers without it feeling painful :(

But i still managed to finish off babe's exp needed to lvl despite having wrist pains....OCD ftw! :x I just really bth when its so close and besides i get to tag hearts too wad...ish a win win situation :)

Well, will be having that interview later today after work...abit nervous...not coz of the interview, more like hoping for the best :) Hope the best for me too ya!!

Ok la, i shall be a good employee and stop blogging and facebooking for now...and do some work :p Once a while snake not bad la hor...still very good employee.. although i bitch abt work alot :x Shuuush! D:

Fairfarren all~ ♥

P.s. Why am i having tummy aches all of a sudden..? Or is it butterflies in my stomache? :x

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