Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Monday....

To say it was mundane would be an understatement, but to say it was eventful would also be. It has been an...erm..interesting day :O

Morning started off as usual.. Wakin up and goin to work looking like ive been partying the entire weekend with the hangover look on my face =.= Paperwork, shit loads of it, ordering of materials, checking work progress on site, bla bla bla etc etc... one word sums it all. Busy. Eh wait, can i add another word? FRIGGIN busy.

Colleague seemed blase about it and sitting around much ado about nothing. And yet, as if i give a damn what he does or does not do as long his shit doesnt come into my corner.

Sadly, i was wrong. His shit did come my way ._. Well, is coming my way...soon.

He was fired/resigned whatever. I dont really know which is it, all i know is he's gone and im in deep...well u know what i mean >_> So i guess, im back to being to the only staff in the office. Me and the OM but her stuff doesnt really concern me. Man, i hope they hire someone else soon or ill be so dead :(

Carried on doing my work after he left and said bye bye to me... yadda yadda kkthxbye =.= Surprisingly, boss did not bring up the me not answering and replying his sms on Friday/Sat to go over to client's place. LOL. As if i care?

This is the FML part of the day..

Had to go over to suppliers place to pick out some wall tiles and in the end had to follow boss to town to hand some stuff over to lawyer's office. Why i had to go, has been lingering in my mind since i was forced to go down, but then ive learnt to never ask why in this job, coz its, erm...pointless?

The worst part was, the whole fkin town area was jammed up like hell. I mean it was non movement for most part of the time. Hence i was stuck in the bladi car, with my boss, for 2 whole hrs. Fuggity fuggity fug! x.x

Reached back to the office almost 7 le and i promised mum to take her grocery shopping, hence reached home and went out straight again to sunshine farlim. One thing ive concluded abt me and grocery shopping is that i seem to have developed a time frame when i actually stay conscious whilst shopping.. I figure abt 1 and half hrs b4 i become a walking zombie and everything mum asks or says will be answered with a "uh huh" or "ok" lol =.=

Plus the fact that i was stuck 2hrs in the car with the boss.. Did i mention that?

Came home extremely exhausted and ended up playing cbp with babe, which something i wanted to do but in the end, my eyes were like @__@ and sudden spike lags frm the both of us which made the whole playing process...well.. hmm.. i was annoyed with both =.=

Tagged hearts awhile after babe left and my sis suddenly got bored with her youtube and did this to me while i was actually tagging...

Purdee flowers~ ♥
Pro right to actually have us both doing this while im tagging... lol :p
*ps, dont mind the ugly hand T^T*

Well, am exhausted even more, and im kinda dreading going to work until they actually find someone to replace colleague's position. Else im really dead. Sighs. Am already feeling the extra burden as it is when he was actually ard =.=

God save me x.x help me with some good news soon...

Ah well, until then, i guess i have to endure and take whatever shit that comes my way, though i wont take shit completely in until ive dried out all my other options lol :x


P.s. I wish the nite ended with you saying gtg after this and not one more round then everything would have been ok and forgotten :(

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