Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Omg, it somehow feels like dejavu..hmm i know why, i intended to blog ytd, opened up my blogger and everything and all i managed to type was "Hola Monday!" before goin back into my other dimension and continued tagging till thy kingdom comes :S *cues Twilight Zone music...yet again*

So, audi's x2 event is finally and officially over today. No more mindless tagging. NO MORE! And no, im not 61 yet :( BUT i am a lvl 60! (reached 100% at 5am >_>) But yay! Im finally all grown up after being in the 50's zone for more than a year .. LOL! :X

I still want my 61 mind u, im just not up to taggin at the moment *sudden nausea*

So, my leave day wasnt really a rest day, as in i didnt even rest as much ._. Woke up early to go to JPJ to cancel both my cars bank loans stuff. Do u friggin know how friggin many ppl are there, all the friggin time?? Sheesh. And apparently they've gone online in terms of cancellation. Applause for government in going paperless? Or so i thought.

1st car, was still using the borang borangs meaning still paper required, bt mine, which i just settled last week, the banks told me, dont need all this paper shit le (shit added by me) they've gone online. So in my mind, i was like great! Easier and saves me the trouble of running to the main bank to get those papers. I was so WRONG. Managed to cancel the 1st car with the papers bt the online one, apparently still no records. =.=" Can you ppl pls tell me what is the point of going online if in one week u guys still cant update the road transport dept? BETTER DONT!

*rants rants rant* *mutters* *grumbles*

Then went to EPF office to help sis with her withdrawal and then to banks, banks and more banks ._. Went over to Prangin mall to have lunch and did some window shopping. I realised it has been a looong time since i did this. It all feels so alien to me :S

Had to rush home coz mum had an appointment and sis gave wrong info abt the time she was suppose to meet a client. Hence i had to speed racer back home. Imagine frm town to my house which normally takes ard half hr, i managed to get in 10mins and in Monday traffic. Im so cool =.=

Spend half an hr sitting at park while sis walked the dog to do his daily routine. Looked at the trees, smelt the somewhat fresh air. Lol. I really havent been out of the house for the longest time..

Went home and started my suicidal tagging again. Can u believe it actually took me 12 fkin hrs to get to 100%? so messed up. Ended up tagging till almost 5am. Well there were some delays in between coz of lack of ppl to tag with. But thanks to my sotong, we managed to finish up the last 15% in less than 2hrs ._.

Shagged ah! Thank god i took half day off today but it didnt help that as soon as i was about to leave home for work, it rained. Heavily. FML ._.

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