Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tadaima~~ :)

Its officially Sunday and im stil a bery bery happy girl.. why? Coz i wont be having Monday blues this week! Hahaha :D But still, i might running a few errands, JPJ, EPF office, banks, bla bla yadda yadda. Hopefully bosses dont call me up and irritate me hence spoiling my day ._. believe me, i will not be answering their calls, inconsiderate asses >_>!

Maybe i shd take Tues off too ... :p

Anyway, what have i been up to in my absence frm my ever so loved grumpy piece of bread? Well, on Friday, i suddenly had a conviction, or a resolution to get to lvl 61 on audi. LOL! Yes yes, i really dont have much else to do with my life at the moment :p Just little bursts of excitement of finding something i suddenly seem intent on doing. Hence, i found ppl to tag with, which is much faster as compared to me taggin with jz 3accs plus mine.

So far, have levelled 2ce, and am now at 59. Kinda slow though, coz of the lic taking time for both me and the other person - which coincidentally always lvls more than me coz of the lvl. I seriously doubt i will reach 61 by the end of Monday, but id like to be as close as possible to it :(

Well basically Saturday was spent doing mostly that after a hard day at work. Clients to see coz bosses werent ard, orders to make and rushed of my monday leave and to the banks for countless chqs for suppliers =.= Went home and sat in front of both idiot boxes, and eyeing both, one doing 5 moves and the other watching shows. Its old movies weekend, from Jumanji, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lake House, 4 Wedding, a Funeral (loves Hugh Grant in this one - simply yummy :p) to some old cantonese movie and others which i just cant remember anymore ._.

So far, ive tagged with 2players frm lvl 44 to 51 lolz, and one of them even mega'ed thanking me for helping out last nite rofl :x Im not kidding ok? Really! Lol...

So, that was my long but felt like a very short weekend. Thank goodness i still Monday :)

Have a great Monday guys and a better- i hope, week ahead! :D

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