Saturday, May 8, 2010

Its the weekends!! And im finally homeeeeeee ♥ Tadaima~! ♥

And and and its gonna rain!! Omgomgomg...*runs into bed and cuddles up* :D

I dont think ill ever get used to working on Sats since i last worked in KL. But then, it makes me appreciate the weekends more :p Gosh...sleeepieeee x.x

Work was uber busy in the morning. Had to go off to site and open doors for ppl to fix staircase and stood there and waited fr them to finish. Actually only intended to open and go back office, bt had to check lighting points so did that. Bosses suddenly came ard and so stood ard abit more. By the time they left, the guy was almost done. So yea, stood a little more and waited fr him.

But that house is dam fuggin hot ok? Its virtually like a sauna. I just stood for 10mins and was sweating like nobody's business ><. Had sawdust in my hair and all over me la. Went back office, enjoyed the aircon with alittle bit of audi and left for home :D

So here i am, all clean, just had lunch and yawning :x hahaha :D But tot of tagging cpl hearts..hmmm nvm, later ba :) Where is my babe? Play awhile then bu jian le.... *cry*

Ok la, i sense brain force shutting down soon. Bed! Bed!! Lataz guys! ♥

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