Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Wednesday yo~! :D

Just came back from cleaning client's house drain earlier =.= drain.. pls dont ask coz im not in the mood to talk about it. Summary, im doing it so i dont hear anymore shit from the client or my fuggin boss anymore. Sheesh FML really ._.

And my HSBC card replacement came today. Lol..yes, i really lost my card. Not stolen, just..cant remember where i left it -.- I distinctly remember looking at it the week before, and putting it back in my purse but apparently its not there anymore? I called the centre to check if there were any transactions but none. So confirmed, i lost it >_> Then tried looking fr 2 days, tot mum took, bt ask sis to peek in her purse..none. AKSJIDOJWSFIJSFJSFSDFL:SKD!

I have no idea why these things happen to me. And im sure it will suddenly turn up in the most inconvenient times. FML...again. =\

I realised, its been more than 2 weeks since i last spoke to mum and bro lol. Somehow, i dont know what to say anymore to them. And i feel apprehensive in starting in any convo whatsoever with them since my last one attempt with them wasnt so... fun?

Oh wells, time will tell.. Was actually thinking of taking leave next week now that its been a yr of me working here! Ya...its been a long longg loooong year lol.. Hence was thinking of taking my entitled annual leave rofl. But then had 2nd thoughts coz, being at home is not necessarily a good thing =.= Sighs.

Havent had time to revise Jp notes these few days and im havin class again tonite..great x.x And homework is like halfway done >_<.. Oh someone please help me lol :x

Been awfully busy again with work till i cant really blog coz i tend to stare at the dam window for the longest time and cant remember what i did throughout the day =.= AND the fact that today, audi has suddenly decided to give us a surprise... x2 exp for 2 fuggin weeks. Wth. There goes my 'freedom'... again. Hmmm...

Haiya tired la T_T... Fk work =\

Lataz peeps!

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