Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday is almost ending..!! That can only mean one thing....TGIF!! :D

My goodness..everytime i say TGIF, i think of just goin over to QB and satisfy at least one of my many cravings x.x.. Manhattan....TGIF.....Subway..... i needa drag my sis with me, abo so not fun indulging by myself :( Who wants to join me!!

Anyway, work has been hectic and crazy since i was ask to take over the final processes b4 handing over. Which means a lot of shitty work needs to be done, things which have been so conveniently delayed till last min. Sheesh. My bosses are living up to the contractors image of dilly dallying -.-

Havent been playing much of anything on FB, actually dont get to go on much at work. At home, im too busy tagging fr the cpl points b4 12am (yea, like cinderella) coz thats when it resets. So have been playing tis Nightclub City instead, coz u can just leave it on on the bg and well the only reason im playin is coz of the number of ppl i saw playin lol..

Thats Britney Smears, Puff Baddy, Catharine Hata Jones etc etc .. lmao! And yes, thats catherine, getting so drunk she's abt to puke in my club =.=

Its basically reno reno ur own club, refill ur drinks and make sure ur club stays popular. It will get mundane soon coz there's nothing much else to do with it. And i dont really like games which require me to look after it constantly (music set finishing, drinks running out etc etc) And yes, im the club's dj haha :p Oh well, will play till i get all the things i want haha :D

And i found what kb's i wanna get! if i can find them here D: Thanks to my calamari

Shd i get tis Powerlogics Zen 2000? Or...Logitechs Illuminated kb.. Pricier.. but it glows in the dark ok! Wtfiak!!

Flat kb ftw! ♥ I just hope i can find them here..><. Hoping to go to pc depot these 2 days to see :) Weekends quickly comeeee *chants chants chants* :tsk:

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