Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happppyyyyy Tuuuuusssdayyyyyy~~~ :D

Its been a freakish-ly busy day x.x thank goodness its at the end dy..yay me~ ;) But then, i remember part of the afternoon was me trying to get audi to work *&^$#@#@%&*!! And it did in the end...coz apprently it wasnt coz of the 2 times i reinstalled it that made it work, it would have worked sooner or later IF only i had patiently waited for it to start :X LOL! Bleh...

Anyyyywayysss...nothing much but extreme busy-ness of running ard like a headless chicken (yes, pun intended coz thats hw my bosses likes me to be ._. ) But am happy coz its Pay Day!! Hehe :p Though abit nt happy coz i lost my mc for last month and had to cut 1 day pay tmd tmd =.="

Went home, and patched audi (thanking my lucky stars that it did work..) and played the new songs.. my goodness, love SNSD's Run Devil Run! Cool cool song, even cooler vid :D Girl power ftw!

Got hungry after awhile and since mum in the 'im not talking to you' moods, so i decided to tham her by goin out to get dinner...the famous western food at Perak road they love so much :) Im such a nice person right? And i guess, by me actually offering to go out and buy enuf to gan dong them dy..lolol :X

Trained by myself awhile after dinner and fell asleep x.x i dono why , even after sleeping for 3 days im still so friggin sleepy ok?

Anyway here come the totally FML scenario.

We just changed to new modem and this time had it separated by getting a router as well. And they were complaining abt hw laggy it was previously and blaming me for the lag (audi =.=) Not because there were 4ppl using the net at the same time, or the fact that sis n mum uses it to watch online dramas n youtube..nooooo.. of coz that not the reason. And me trying to convince them otherwise will only be shrugged off. I mean wtheck even me watching online animes (which are only abt 20mins long per epi) lags them. Wat a load of crap.

But then did i say anything in protest? Nop. Why bother? ._.

So last nite, i suddenly felt lag like omgwtfbbqchicken, and kept dc'ing frm audi. Mind u, this was already 1plus am ok? Rechecked and found out sis was on multiple windows of youtube, and mum was busy streaming away. So im the ONLY cause of the lag? Lol. FML.

Even missed out on an lp, but did i say anything to them? Nop, just shut down and went to bed. Though it was a damn hot nite, i did not need another cold war >_>"

Guess my point is, im fine with everyone sharing, but dont only blame me for the slow connection. I dont think i have a signboard on my head which says " Blame me for everything u want" . Sheesh. Pissed off.

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