Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank god Monday is over! D:

It has been no doubt by far the worst Monday ever. Just when u think things are getting better it just bring u down again. My gosh, its like one shit after another =.= Fugfugfugfug! How blue can a Monday get i ask u? ._.

And my colleague took 2days mc to escape all this and i have to fuggin face it alone when i wasnt entirely my fault. My only wrong was, i nvr called bosses to reconfirm. But after a whole day of running ard like mad, i didnt give it much thought. Clever me >_>

Remember the house we already finished and handed over last Saturday? Well apparently, on Friday, me and colleague went to take back our stuff frm the hse and some of the materials like paint (almost empty according to colleague) we left it outside for the garbage collector to take away. I even asked colleague to put in black bags coz afraid the collectors wont take if left loose like tat.

And turns out, there were ppl went rummaging through the garbage and took the metal paint cans to sell and poured out whatever was remaining in the drains. And some of the rubbish actually fell on to the neighbours 'area'. So there were complaints bla bla, and who gets it all? According to him, the client says, only our company boss is reliable and the staff arent. Wtf? (maybe i shd tell him how the client complained that he (boss) nvr answered her calls?-.-) Efficient my ass. If he was so efficient, the project wouldnt have been left idle fr 2mths then last min ask me do this n that. Wtfffffffffff! Annoyed.

So i really kena buta one la. The last person to handle it always gets it ._. even if shit was done way earlier. Sigh. U shd see the look on the fker boss' face when he tried to accuse, no, literally was accusing me of not being responsible. Mcb.

Oh well, fk bosses. Esp ones like him ._. I shd take babe's suggestion and put superglue in his car key hole. Lol...ass >_>"

At the end of the day, i went and collected the so called rubbish frm the front to throw elsewhere (yea, ive become the garbage collector also) and i didnt even see the amt of damage that they were flustering about. Over-exagerate to the friggin max. FML.

Anyway, went home and cleared my thoughts, and felt slightly better. Thanks babe for cheering me up :) I guess asses, erm, i mean bosses will be bosses? Wat to do. Hope i find a new job soon eh ?

Slept abit and woke up with thought of clearing my desktop. Lol.. Ive been meaning to do it, but jz too lazy.. Currently using this as my wallpaper..

Hot eh? Lol.. Looking for somthing simpler though. And my goodness does anyone know how to hide all my hideously big icons? If i change the reso, the whole screen just looks weird. Maybe coz its wide? I dono la. Help pls! Or even better, hide it all... i dont like clutter on my desktop..

Anyway, tagged hearts abit, played abit with babe and was trying to make another 200 bt abit of an epic phail x.x Current hearts left - 1300+ ? Jyjy me ...~

Time for a widdle sleep and back to hell, eh, i mean work tomoro...Why no hols one? =.= *go checks calendar* Lol..:x:ayokona:

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