Sunday, May 16, 2010


Bah, im being an overly drama queen, but hey, its how really really feel inside... lol :x So, how did i spend my Sunday? Hmm.. a mixture of emotions i guess.. Started with sleepy (JP class), blur (in JP class), delighted (finish class :x), satisfied (lunch), pissed (at a doink) and then it was unconcious-ness (sleep sleep sleep x.x).. oh wells, all in a days work, though i would have rather not have the pissed off part, bt U dont really care do u? =.=

Still sweltering hot as usual -melts into oblivion- coz even sleep wasnt really sound sleep and it felt like i was beached, dried and dehydrated -.- kns, what is happening to the weather?? T.T

Anyhoots, i havent tagged hearts yet today, and dont feel like it >_> bahs. Decided to go in audi and whack my poor but soon to be replaced kb - as soon as i actually get to the shop- shhhh.. will do it soon since im sorta, ok-ly freer now :p Whack whack whacked alone till ivan came in and whacked somemore. I was actually imagining i was whacking someone else =.= *whacks*

Oh ya! Joined compy 1st i wasnt really up to it, since i havent joined like almost xN months now after my pc came back with new mb, somehow it didnt feel quite as good to play with le. * blames current gfx card* Sooo joined just fr the heck of it. Died after the 1st rd though LOL. Kns. Couldnt friggin chain for some reason and though i was in the 1st 3, i missed the bladi fm and ended up 4th place abt 10k behind the 3rd place player. WTFASKNMIRFWKLSFFAKLF! ._.*

NVM! This has sparked my audi fire and i shall prevail once more! :x

Tried out the 9k bp after compy , and boy do i suck big time in this mode. I wonder why i get so confused now when i see the 5 =.= I used to not be as confused de leh :tsk: ... another task for me to prevail in.. Lolol :x

Well, i guess thats about it. Moi colorful sunday will soon be turnin into moi colorful monday.. I think i managed to stay cheery about it..most of the time :)

Taking a step back into suddenly loving retro-fic colors + pics + anything lol...
Loud contrasts & always making a statement.. in a way i guess i wanna be heard too :)

P.s. To be angry would mean i actually would have to care enuf to. Ur actions of not caring what i think is staring right back at me, on ur FB page. So shd i still care to be angry?

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