Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harpie harpie Sunday all~!! :)

And i just finished getting all the hearts needed for next ring! Woots! :D And honestly, if u think the last 250 hearts needed was a not alot..well.. THINK AGAIN! It is ok? It is it is it is :x Especially when ur all blury from the lack of sleep, unable to press properly and end up using all the 2mins jz to make sure both get 5moves. So, IT IS ALOT! D:

But despite all this, i still did it. So, dont mind the whining and the complaining coz i know i brought it upon myself. I made the decision to go all psycho and tag till i actually finished it. See? Im such a healthy person, to admit when im insane :DD I hearts my OCD's, dont u? :p

So other than being suicidal for the day and for the past cpl of days, what else have i been up to? Friends are flabbergasted by my incoherent and seemingly no link conversations i have with them ._. But u all still lub mi yes? *pouts*

Well, after killin myself ytd till abt 3am, woke up for JP class in the morning, almost died in class coz i couldnt stop yawning and dam sensei kept picking on me to answer qns he threw out to the class =.= I wonder if it was becoz he saw i was slowly drifting in Lalaland :x Blehs..

Came home, had lunch and wanted to start on my suicidal agenda again but lay on bed and went zzzzzzz.. Coma ok! For 2 bladi hours! Sheesh. Lol.....D:

Woke up and started what i intended to do before i fell unconscious on bed >_> and found a cpl who was with me for the last 200hearts lol.. i think they didnt want to leave after getting me to spam 2 accs into exp coz of them, even though they were tired :p I know this coz, they kept asking hw many more games i had LOL! Hey i was even more tired ok? i had to move 2 accs ._.

Had to put on movies and watch so i didnt lose my marbles coz i kept countin how many more to go :x Why do i put myself through this situations? Why?? Hmmmm...for the fun of it i guess :p

Ok la, time to bath, make some coffee and finish the remaining 12% i have left to level :D Lol! That is if i still have energy in my arms ><. And gosh! Tomoro is monday! Sadded...i feel sick suddenly.... :S


Ciaoz and have another great week (even if it sucks :x)!!!

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