Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Thursday all!! :DD the best part of it being Thursday this week is that my TGIF is a holiday!! Omg its a double TGIF... like audi's x2 experience!! :x

This shows ive been taggin way too much..or ive been hangin out with psycho taggers too much *hint hint* :p Please dont kill me whoever u are x.x See im so good not to smexpose chiu~! Lolol :x

Anyway, it shd be time to head home dy, since its already past my bed, eh, i mean work time :S But was thinking to share some of my happiness in being able to leave work and not come in tomoro.. yayness to d max! ^^

My day sucked as usual. Dumb boss really irritating me and its soon reaching my exploding point.. =.= Still waiting for the interview time with the company which called me ytd, hopefully i can get it and i definitely knw the pay is wayyy much better than here:puppyeyes:

Was also prepped for a meeting with a client, coz bosses wont be in town next week and need to write it all down b4 i forget after holiday-ing at home :x My memory isnt what was b4 ;_;

And and gonna settle another cc! Woots, which mean more extra moolah..again! Slurps :D

Oh ya, Jp class was empty last nite, which had its pros and cons. Eh no wait, it meant we got ask qns more frequently ._. And i dono why the sensei keeps asking me dam long qns >_>

Dakkara, soshite, demo, sorekara....ahhhh...shiranai! x.x

Me and sis also left home slightly early to have dinner b4 class and i was actually doing my homework in the coffee shop ._. and i was asking my sis, if the sensei would see us here. Manatau, he really did! He ask a jp qn to my sis asking her if she had dinner already and my sis was abt to say no, when he said, "Dont say no ar, i saw u at the coffee shop just now" LOL. Epic phail.

I wonder if he saw me doing homework though o.o! Shhh..:x

Gosh almost 6, i wanna cabut d, but ppl keep passing me more n more sh..i mean work to do =.= I better cabut before it caves in on me:tsk:

Lataz guys! :)

P/s: 3 days d! Where ish my lp huh? *HINTS*

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