Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday everyone~!!! :D

As if there's anything to be happy about on the 1st day of the week, but hey, we can lie to ourselves right? :p

Had weird dreams again last nite, maybe coz i actually fell asleep b4 2am lol x.x and it sorta of an "Alice in Wonderland" kind of dream, except it was with ppl i knew o.o; And even weirder part was, i woke up, looked at the clock, and saw 7.40am and thought to myself, 'Yay, still can sleep abit more' and fell back to sleep. Woke up again and looked at the clock. Guess what? Still 7.40 and me saying the same thing to myself AGAIN! Freaky or not? *cues music frm the Twilight Zone*

I figure, the pressure of working on a Monday has really gotten to me..LOL! :x

Busy as predicted and decided to take a breather and blog about this weird Monday morning b4 i forget all about it :D

Currently reading low yat forums on external hdd's..well here n there when bosses arent looking :p Still looking for reviews though hmm..

WD External HDD's looks cool dont they? Still trying to read up on the performance though..
or maybe i shd just stick to a safer bet, like Samsung? Hmmmm...

Reason why i need this is coz, with the xN times ive actually reformated my pc and lost xN of stuff on my pc coz of this is really reaaally gettin on my nerves. And with my measly 4GB pendrive, which is getting fuller by the day, i might as well invest on something more long term. Lol.. *excuses to spend money* :p

Anyway, shall read up more when i have some time later ;)

Have a 'wonderful' Monday peepos~! and ill shall try to survive mine (&^@#%^&*($!!

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