Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Thursday guys~! And with Thursday coming to and end.. which we all know what that means....Its Fly-Day again~!! :D

Man, time flies like nobody's business leh...and its almost June dy..Hmmmm.. Time to take out ur diaries, phones, notebooks...etc.. in my case, my blog and look back at the past 6months of ok im being overly poetic =.= But hey, it wouldnt kill now would it? ;)

Am currently taggin hearts ALONE (coz i hv a lousy cpl :p) while im writing this. Figured might as well do some other thing than staring my monitor or the idiot box beside my pc lol.. Actually fell asleep halfway though :x and woke up half n hr later... wat la.. tired ok?

Tired tired tired la la la la laaaa~ @_@;

Been slacking in terms of the taggin part coz work has been horridly busy and whats worse it will be as busy tomoro due to some project submission and also havent even had chance to go to the shop to get my ram -.- Boos! I seriously need some time off... really =\

Damn colleague actually had 3days mc tis week all coz his wife is a nurse and can get extra mc's wtf.. kns i also want D:

GAH WTF! I just dc'ed and cant get back in ._. Screw exp channel. And the minute i got all the accs in, family restarts modem >_>! Blahs. Guess ill go lie down again and try later x.x


Change is inevitable.
Regardless of whether we want it or not.
With every path we take, changes are bound to happen be it small or big.
Changes in work, in life, in relationships, sorta the whole body mind and soul thing..
Truth is, i dont deal well with change, nvr did, and i try to hide it as much as i can.
And though i love Disney fairy tales and all those forever n ever stuff,
i find it hard to believe it really exists.
Which leaves me where? Nowhere lol ._.

Guess all i can is to live each day as it comes, even the bad ones.

P/s: People come n go, but its the ones that stay which are the ones that count.
Would u miss me if i wasnt a part of ur life anymore? :)

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