Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just came back from the bank...paying off my final installment for my car loan..Woohoo!! :D but damn why is it so bladi hot outside when the mornings are just simply so heavenly? =.=

But still, am not gonna bother with that, coz im free from one more loan! *dances ard in my head* Freeeee ~~! :X Lol..sorry la, after almost 2 weeks of trying to settle it and always had to postponed coz of fked up work, im just simply estatic :D

Though not much, roughly ard 300bucks a month, but still i can do alot with that ya...*starts thinking of things to get* LOL! :p AND im hoping to get my ram tonite :D


Just came out of a weirdly long project meeting lol. Guess bosses at it again. Too many cooks spoils the broth? Is that the correct phrase? Anyway, yea.. 2 bosses with diff sets of orders = gg.com. So the missus briefed us on what needed to be done, and what else was pending. Duh, not much also.. still can do still so luan. Sheesh ._.

Today was kinda a lazy day for me. Sure, i had things to do, but i did them reaaally slowly x.x I guess after last weeks chaos, i was kinda lethargic and abit duh-uh abt the whole work thing. Time to unwind :p So instead, i changed the layout of my cafe...AGAIN. Im so wu liao ok? I dono why.. but its fun to see how creative i can be....which most of the times im not ._.

So basically it was a slacking day for me, despite having alot of shyt to do. Think my 'pc' hang le...need.. to...restart... Lol :x I wanna take leave! I wanna! I wanna!! :S

Other than that? Tired lol. With home, with work, with alot of other things. Still trying to stay as positive as i can and shrug problems coming at me with a smile. But sometimes its just too friggin hard and i feel like its breaking me more than anything. Just damn exhausted with life at the moment =\

P.s. Life does not revolve on a single person, regardless of how poets always put it. Life does not give a fuck if ur beaten down and lying flat on your face. FML.

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