Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If only people would listen, as in really listen.

These cpl of days has been one emotional downfall after another. Im seriously fighting a losing battle. Just when i thought i would be better today, mum called to give me shit on how i shd spend my money. Sigh, long story. Summary would be, i have a non existant privacy in my life. I guess im eternally bound by my family on how i shd live my life.

What shall i face when i go home today after a hard's day work? Sullen and disappointed looks.

Anyway, got my ram ytd, its become kinda fast which is cool :) But still unable to open more accs in audi. Oh well, fk my mb ._. I guess i shd resign to fate telling me to never ever tag lol. I will still la, its my only escape frm reality, slower ma slower lo =\

Also found the kb i wanted to get. Should prolly get it next month to avoid mum giving me shit on how i shd spend my hard earned money. And yet i still follow to avoid her nagging at me. Maybe i shd move out ._. She just gave me an earful tis morning after goin through my personal mail and reprimanding me fr fixing pc. Lol? No comments.

I guess she just doesnt trust me to take care of my own finances.

If ur saying parents are always like tat, then why is it does she only opens my mail and not my siblings? *shrugs*

To you:
Of all ppl, i would expect u to understand. If only u could put urself in my shoes and see how i see it. I really dont know wat else to say, coz its all repetitions of what was said b4. We're all busy, i know that, but i try to make time, even for a little while, for what i feel is important to me.

A little bit of sensitivity never killed anyone hun :)

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