Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Mum and all the mothers out there...

Happy Mother's Day~! ♥ :)

Thank you mum, for the sacrifice, the giving, the love and care that u've showered us and the hard work of raising us all by urself. Im truly grateful to have u as my mother and nothing in the world will ever change that. Even though we have our differences in views and ideas on how to live life, i knw u only want the best for me.

Though, this year, Mother's day at our home is not as happy :) Shall not talk much about it, coz all it does is just saddens me. Regardless of what how we try, somethings will never be right. Its bad enuf to have a tiring day at work but to come back to an unhappy home is even worse. Sighs. Im really at my wits end.

Its times like tis i really feel like moving out. Maybe this way, we will appreciate each other more? I dont know..

Day was spent at home, waking up at almost 1pm (yay for no Jp class lol..) and spent the afternoon watching animes and well other stuff... stuff we had planned to do together, but nvr did.. oh wells..

So here i am, thinking of going bed and its only 11 lol..what else can i do in a house that is not talking much? *shrugs* Even audi'ing doesn't make me happy =\

And yes, to you.

Ive decided to get the pet myself. U might think im unreasonable and making a fuss or maybe uve been waiting fr me to say this for awhile now but im done asking you for it. For real. There will always been a reason why it was nvr done, busy with work, busy with something, etc etc. Its been more than a month since i brought it up and well, i guess i shd take a hint that u nvr intended to do it in the 1st place. How naive could i have been? Maybe becoz it was nvr a big deal when i gt it. Different views eh? :)

So overall, what was suppose to be a good sunday, turned out not so good. Well maybe i shd be thankful that i still am alive? Not being sarcastic, im being realistic. I think i shd take my head out of the clouds and be more of a realist?

Thats that, my 'beautiful sunday' and goin into a Monday blues mood. =\ Im gonna be horribly busy tomoro..that much i can predict ><. I feel tired already @___@; On a random note;
Dont cha' think this dam fuggin cool kb? Razor's tarantula ><. Friggin exp too wtfiak >_>" Dam it, can i have one?? shall i go steal my office ram tomoro? Hmmmm :x


Another new week, and its already middle of May. Maybe this week will be better? I still hope ya? Everyday :)

Have a wonderful ahead guys~! Despite the Monday blues :p

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