Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have u ever heard the term, "Busy till pants also wanna drop" ? Note: a direct translation from Hokkein lol... No? Then maybe its my own terminology coz it was literally like tat the whole day today =.=

Was woken up by a subcon who wanted to go to the project site at 9plus. Rushed to get dressed, the running here n there, blablabla and forgot to wear my belt ._. Hence, for the entire day, i ran ard like a headless chicken with constantly dropping pants. Lol. And no, its not really funny, not to me that is >_>

Like ytd, brain completely dead by the time i reached home. Made some ramen for dinner :3 and rested. When i say rest, means , i tagged in audi. LOL :x Oh shuush...

Though i had a revelation ytd (thanks to my fried chilli sotong >_>). At the rate im tagging hearts, i might up with the ugly ring b4 the max pearl rings for a looong loong time ._.

Reason? Coz the exp needed from tat ring to max is abt 45k of hearts. FML.

....in the order of getting them.. hmm

Now im torn.. bahs.

Why am i bloggin abt audi rings? I have no bladi idea.. maybe coz the thought came to me ytd and i was like "wtfiak! I mean i love blue...bt that blue is just...fugly T_T" and also becoz, im currently dead tired and considering skippin class x.x

Sheesh, im really exhausted. I need some reward ...for all my hard work :x

Blehs~ Lataz guys~!

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