Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ah it is the day before the much awaited day of ze week~

Yes yes, its finally Thursday again..hw time flies when ur having so much fun... =.=*

Well on the bright side, work has been incredibly busy these past cpl of days due to confirmations frm a few clients and work starting as soon as possible. I guess after almost 3months of much ado about nothing at work, this is a erm...fresh change at work? Lol... :p Oh wells, ill get used to it, as long as i get to bitch about it here ;)

Anyway, i still wont ever get used my bosses doing things at the very last minute. I dont know why , but they just can friggin help it. Might as well i start work at 5.30 since they like doing things so late ._."

But still left work early coz of JP class and caught up with babe after like soooo long D: Played a few rounds with him and went off for class :)

Class was cool as usual, still need to talk more at home with sis so tat my convos are more smooth. I mean in my head its there but it doesnt quite come out as right >_>

Gt home and caught ivan online in audi and he actually asked me to FB with some fam =.= In the end, after alot of persuasion i finally gave in ba.. and the truth is, i dont think ive ever fb'ed before? Lolz.. It was hmmm... enlightening? And the fact was, we were actually bullying ><.

Lol.... it was its own special way.. :x

Played alittle bit more and went off to rest awhile.. came back and played more with jx and cang till my fingers got so numb i didnt even know if i pressed the keys or not. But i guess the missing and not moving much shd have clued me eh? :S

And! Im annoyed that i wasted the cpl bonus points today :X Shall try to use it all up when i can since i DONT get to play with babe as much. Bery uncool u!

Anyway, i predict a very busy few weeks for me..i think.. but ill still continue posting..just it might be a little late to come out :x Hehe.. i knw u guys love me de...right?.

Hello? Anyone out there? D:

Lol, have a wonderful Thursday and the weekends are almost here! Yay~! ;)

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