Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy TGIF!!! Omg i cant be more happier *does the happy dance*~!:devilishgrin:

After a whole week of rushing ard like a mad woman, i couldnt be more thankful that its the weekends dy~!!! ♥

AND thank god the handover is tomoro! I dont have to drive to that place again! Finally after 10months, which is actually quite crazy for the amount of work done to the place, its out of our hands! My hands! Lol..sorry la..cant help but be estatic :D

Today though was a horribly tiring day. Imagine i had to turn into a cleaning lady and wash the place and there. With the junk left behind by the workers, sawdusts, wiring bits here and there and soil all over the dam place. Almost killed me while cleaning, not the mention the darn place, even with the fan and all the windows open, still feel like a bladi sauna x.x

Came back to office, body aching to the max BUT i rewarded myself........WITH SUBWAY! Yummy!! Chicken teriyaki _♥~ Though i didnt have much time to actually enjoy it...slowly.. lol

Rushed out a couple more things and it was back to the site to bring back all our stuff i.e paints, ladder, bla bla bla...throw out the rubbish and sweat like no one's business again ._. quickly finish it all off, this time dragged colleague with me, even tat took us abt 2hrs =.= and went back office, clocked out and rushed bath! Dam bth itchy x.x

So that was that extremely busy and tiring friday..butbutbut, im extremely happy that its finally over and done with and i came out alive! yay me! :x Im so gonna enjoy my weekend, even if its short :)

Time to rest my shagged body + deaded brain and i just finished tagging hearts...though i didnt manage to do the last 3 b4 it resetted =.= Blahs.

Have a great weekend peeps! Ciaoz~!

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