Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello peeps on a beautiful rainy Saturday which was simply so enticing this morning to just lie and curl under ur blanket & just stay there till u cant sleep no more~!! In my case, yasumimasen deshita, hattarakimashita. Simpy meaning, i did wake up and went to work. FML =.=

It was a totally sad story coz these kind of Saturdays are simply so rare!! ;sob

Work went into overload today as well, despite the lovely weather i was in fact like a mad woman with multiple tasks to do & everything was needed today. To matters worse, the bosses were in...ON A SATURDAY and ended up finishing work almost 2pm =.=* This was not a happy saturday ok? :(

I stared at the window and looked outside, and sighed to myself. I shd have taken mc ._. I wasnt feeling well ytd lor :(

As predicted Friday was crazy, non stop from the moment i stepped in office (today also same la ._.) till almost 7plus. Suddenly wasnt TGIF so much dy.. dam tiring x.x Hopefully all is done and well and i can take a slight breather next week.

Im sorry if any of my posts seem incoherent, bt ppl who talk to me on msn, will also know ive been very incoherent these past week >_> What with the lack of sleep i get and the madness in the day @___@;; I actually proof read my posts ok, and they even look ok to me, until i read back and see the typos and meaningless one sided convos i have with myself.. im...goin...bonkers.. *gaspsssss*

Oh ya, been joining back exp compy again. Though i kinda suck as compare to the last time when i was ACTUALLY getting better :( Tonite joined compy with ivan and guess wat mode we had fr 1st rd? c9 ._. I missed like nobody's friggin business. Ima confused chica ><.. Oh but i had one saving grace for tt rd which was, i did the solo CFM...LOL! that was kinda cool :p I could have got in de la, but i have no love for c9...really no lub at all! Booos~!

Net been acting up on me as well these few days..maybe asking me to stop taggin lol..i just keep dc'ing and sometimes cant even get connected in which i end up falling asleep waiting it to get connected >_> . Maybe my wireless is screwed..hmmm ._. Time to get that long mentioned the other stuff :x

Oh wells, despite it being such a sucky morning, finally had some rest time in the afternoon and thank goodness the weather was still heavenly :) Watched afew dvd's and tagged my hearts + a cup of coffee in this weather = priceless. Lol..

Time to hit the books and do some revision fr class tomoro :) and to think i cant sleep in on Sunday too T_T..

Have a great Sunday still ba~! Lataz! ;)

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