Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a black black Wednesday ... plus im so freakin tired..sigh :(

It really wasnt my day today, despite me running ard to hardware shops getting stuff for workers, back and forth to office and site countless times just to make sure all was moving smoothly. In the end, what i got was uncalled for accusations =.=

1st one was frm boss' wife, which said i nvr checked to make sure if goods were delivered in correct qtys. Said the workers there less delivered. Wtf. Im not even suppose to be taking care of the other site, come and say me. Sigh. Then in the end, colleague told me workers count wrong, and i tell her, she turn ard and say, " i knew they sure count wrong" Fug? 0.0

2nd one was frm shorty boss, and he told me he was annoyed i said i had to go back early. Like wtf again? Say must have responsibility since workers stil at site, must arrange to lock up after they done. AS IF I NVR THOUGHT OF IT! Then i told him i did, and plan to get colleague to lock then only he says, oh if got then im happy to hear that.

Cb. Now im not happy. And i already super late for jp class. Fkers.

One similarity between the 2 of them, both wont let ppl explain why. So when shorty said no need explanation, i didnt care dy and told him, "i think i need to explain" and shoot the fker back. He's to talk, no time management at all, and always wanna shit then ask us dig hole for him. Ma de! I dig and kick him in the bladi hole ar. Spoiled my mood.

But then i guess, bosses will always be asses. Have to take it with not a spoonful of sugar, bt abt a gallon of those bad boys then only can lol. Sigh, my fml situations.:ayokona:

Anyway, skipped Jp class, too tired le and body aching as hell x.x So just had tortilla for dinner and fell asleep.. and thats that. A day in my screwed up life. Blah.

Though, i did feel better after that...until tomoro screws me up again. Round n round n round n round till it becomes a square =.= Sorry, am not making much sense dy.

Home? Still cold war and im jz too stressed out to bother. AND i couldnt find one of my credit cards ytd, suspect my mum took it back to keep and nvr told me =.= or did i misplace it? I really doubt it since i rarely take it out of my purse. But im still not sure so what can i do about it?
1. Try to take a peek in mum's purse when she's not looking.
2. Report it as lost card.

Lol. Isnt my life colorful? ._.

And i still have a cpl of things pending to do, which i havent time to do at all, coz i end up leaving office too late.

1. Get my 2gb ram + network cable + my under warranty gfx card frm shop and they close at 7pm.

2. Make my final settlement for car loan and woohooo ima free girl! :D Unfortunately bank closes at 4 =.=

When will i actually get to do them? I dono also >_>

Till then, nites!

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