Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello fellow earthlings on a hot hot extremely hot Saturday....~

When i say hot, i mean hooottt ok! Really really really really hot! I think you know what i mean right? ._.

Anyway, just woke up from a little nap after tagging hearts the whole afternoon since i reached home. Had calamari help me and we did cpl mode which meant, 1extra heart lol .. My target was 300 but actually wanted to do more coz i wanted to get new rings by Tuesday. But tat would mean i would have to do 600 >_> Not impossible, but hmmm..

Work was irrelevant today, not much stuff since we're already handing over the place today. But the bosses did call me, didnt answer...coz i had headphones on :p But then they sms'ed =.= Sheesh these ppl.. wont they ever learn to leave ppl alone? Or at least call when im ACTUALLY working? I guess that would be TOO much to ask for >_>

And yes, i didnt get my ram yet zzzz and my kb zzzzzzz, and need to prove that i will actually get it done :x But i finally found my receipt to claim a new one on the gfx card i bought late last yea, hopefully ill be getting my better card soon :D

Ok, time to get my Jp homework done and memorise some stuff for class tomoro. Sensei is kinda behind schedule coz classes are to finish soon, for elementary lvl i mean. And there's still alot of chapters to cover lol.. x.x

Till tomoro peeps! ;) and have a wonderful Sunday !

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