Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday blues~ D:

Current status: Dying at work from the lack of rest (i blame audi for having the x2 weeks :x) and waiting for the time to go off. Though apparently, there some reports that need to be rushed out to be printed and binded.

Its already 4.30 and still they havent decided how they wanna do it. I think they intend to give me at 5.30 when its time to GO HOME. Cheebong ._.

This has not been a happy Monday at all.

Should i just clock out at 5.30 and give a fk care what they wanna do? Lol =.=

Take me to my Lalaland,
Way up in the sky where i can roam free without a care in the world

Lol.. im being poetic again... need.. sleep x.x

P/s: I woke up this morning thinking it was still the weekends ._. the weather was so nice to sleep in i almost called in sick T_T~

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