Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a hot hot hot Saturday ~!! Even when its raining.. ><. Bery uncool.

But despite it being such a warm day, im still happy coz....i dont have to wake up at 9am tomoro! Wooots! No Jp benkyou!! Yaya...i know i shdnt be so happy abt it, but waking up early on a saturday is sad enuf, but not sunday too... So its kinda cool when we dont have it once a while ;)

Was thinking of what i shd do tomoro and suddenly got me thinking of the things i plan to get for :x

1. I need a 2GB Ram. I dont care, i just need it. So i needa go check how much does it cost right now. The last time i asked it was under RM100, now its more ><. Sheesh, shd have gotten it during pc fair, which was a cpl of weeks ago ._.

2. I need to get a network cable, coz my wireless sucks =.= 'nuf said. Hence i needa measure how long to my modem. Hmmm...

3. I need to find my gfx card receipt so i can claim fr the spoilt one. Which was actually far better than the one im using now...or maybe its psychology... Hmmmms again..

4. I need a new Kb. Lol... my current one is noisy as hell and not nice to use :x I dont care! I wan! ><.

Thats about it. Well actually not really...ive been fantasizing about what i can do with my pc.. LOL! Ok tat sounds wrong, though kinda sad, but still very wrong =.=So will i get it done? Or end up sleeping the day away? *i actually fell asleep typing this entry* :x

I will Ive been seeing ppl with too cool pc's one too many times =.= AND OH! I also need an external HD LOL! :S Any recommendations?

Ok i better stop here b4 my dam list gets any longer x.x Have a great Sunday guys~! :)

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