Sunday, May 2, 2010

Holaaa fellow earth bound peeps~~!! :)

Its been a lazy cpl of days for me :) To the extent that this particular post has been having the same sentence since i saved it a few days ago lol.. So what have i been up to this hols?

Hmm..nothing much? Other than the fact that ive been getting my much anticipated rest time that was so cruelly sacrificed during Audi's x2 week :p Not that im complaining or anything, coz i dont regret any of it haha :D

Was also extremely lazy to actually just sit down and type anything like i normally do. I actually stayed away from the pc alot this weekend leh. So not me ;)

Saturday was spent, like i said in bed most of the time. Had to babysit dog at home and well was sleeping and waking up most of the times till about 8-ish. Then later at nite went into audi, and jio-ed Jx to whack abit of 8k on the kb. Seriously, most of the time i was just mindlessly staring at the bladi pc and swearing =.= Snow some more la, snow all i see is snow.. can build snowman le >_>

Sunday had Jp class in the morning. Forgot to memorise some stuff and did it on the way to class lolol..heng brain did not hang on a sunday morning :X Went home, had lunch and well, slept again? Omg la, seriously sleep fest ok? Once again, on n off whacking of 8k's in audi and its getting..erm...a little better? I think? D:

Oh ya, and had my long overdue haircut! Yay :D And straightening too :p Seriously impatient when it comes to doing it but its either sitting through that ordeal and have nice looking hair for at least 4mths or waking up every morning and looking at my pathetic excuse of a head =.=

So yeaps, that was my lovely weekend, come and gone and i plan to take Monday off too lolol..just really not in the mood to work just yet. Hopefully i dont regret it though ._.

Ciaozz~! ♥

P.s. Oh ya, forgot abt the thing i didnt really wanna talk abt a few days back. Hmm..i guess all i have to say is, i know now is that u prolly nvr intended to get me what ive been asking these past cpl of weeks. Though i dont think it was wrong for me to ask u to get it for me, coz i would have the done it without much thought for you. At 1st, i really wanted it, nt coz i couldnt get it myself but coz it would hv been nice if u did. I dont know. All i knw is, i wont ask it from u anymore, coz i hv my own pride and to keep on asking for it just depresses me.

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