Thursday, April 30, 2009

Helloooooo world~

Weekends are gonna be here earlier this week, Labour Day technically today is ur Friday.. Woots!! Lolz.. i know some ppl are estatic, others are jz trying to get through today..well good luck y'all, i knw u can make it..Jiayou jiayou!! Esp poor babe..who's in hell right now :(

I knw i might sound abit more perkier than usual, hmm maybe i am. Or maybe im hiding behind this facade of a seemingly happy me. Lol. Im trying to be strong, trying to hold on to my footing in life, breaking my falls with optimism and "tomoro is a new day" thinking.

I will be..

Everyone has their problems, this is undeniable. But sometimes as a fren, when u pour out ur feeling to someone, u dont want to hear, "Yea, i have problems too" . For that one minute, i wan to be selfish and be the only one with problems. Well, thats wat i do anyway..If a fren confides in me, i dont wan to go rattling on abt my problems..they jz need some1 to listen to their problems, juz for that moment. I dont know, maybe its just me lol..

Been havin headaches and dizzy spells these few days. Not sure why, maybe its the crazy sleeping hrs (sleep at 5 am, wake at 12), maybe im thinkin too much. I resent the fact that juz because i dont show emotions like worrying, doesnt mean im not ._.

Other than that, been sandwich crazy these past 2 days lol..ever since we watched the Sandwich Showdown on Oprah. Omg!! See liao bth =x So have been in a sandwich craze x.x, latest one was, melted cheese on heated tortilla bread, roasted chicken, ham, salad, tomatos, japanese cucumbers(crunchy i tell u!) and top with mayo all rolled up to make this heavenly "sin" of a sandwich. Omg omg omg =x Will post pics of it when we make it again..maybe tonite. LOL!

Dam it! *Dont do it, dont do it*

Well, its almost end of the day peeps.. Hope u've survived it and Happy Labour's Day xD.

I hope u all enjoy your long weekend :)

"Im not perfect, but then so are you"

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