Saturday, April 11, 2009


Like the new blog? Lolz..
Its somewhat emo, and dark..but i guess its me...for now :)
Loved the old blog ya (hard work by my beloved mei =3)
But felt i needed a change, and been meaning to have it done for some time now..
I asked for baby's help, and i thought she had given up coz the whole thing was juz a big bladi mess lol..
I was surprised to log in today and see this come out instead xDD
Thanks baby, *Loves*
Was supposed to go out for a friend's birthday thingie, but they nvr call to tell me whr..
and i didnt bother to call them to ask also..
Picked up the phone a few times and wanted to dial n call them
But..really not in the mood to go out ..
And its Saturday night for crying out loud..sigh.
Audi's server is down for now (whats new eh?), so playing slots, scratch off, blogging..
And searching for a song thats been haunting me for months..
All coz i cant remember the dam title =.= DAM IT!
CPU is still in the shop but went back to take my monitor..
Jf la, scare me..say they will use fr their own stuff...
Which was wat i actually thought also..initially..
Ask me to go so early and all not there, walao ._. then call them and ask qn
also dono how to answer
So am using my monitor, plugged in my lappy >_>
Though i realised it not as laggy lol..
What should i do abt my cpu? Tmd =x
Gonna rot this weekend..nvm la..been rotting for awhile d x.x
Dont mind me=x
Have a great weekend guys~! <3s~

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