Thursday, April 16, 2009

Uppie datie~

Am currently havin my hair done, by my sis! Finally~ Well actually its been more than 5hrs x.x... Almost lost my mind during that last hr, think both of us did lol. My conclusion to her, i will stick my "One cut per year" stand=x. Yes, she's training as a hairstylist and almost at the end of her classes. And she showed me this cut 1st, sort of str8 on top and wavey at the bottom. Turned out great XD! Will post photos in FB soon coz she took some to put in her profile lol..but...i...a...bit....shy=x

Endured the hot iron for straightening, made me have a headache as usual and all for the sake of vanity, its a painful beauty..but if it didnt turned out rite then it would juz be painful x.x
Past 2 day have been engrossed in FB, why? Robot wars. Dont ask me, all because babe wanted me to join his squad so he can attack ppl and win ._. and now im hooked on it. I dono why, i juz like to see the numbers ticking lol. And im not obsessed k? Some1 has, the last i heard ard 19 squads in his team, dont ask me how he did it, so yeah, babe pls, obsess much? He's trying win this dude who is in 1st place. Kiasuism :p.. I HOPE YOU WIN HIM SOON! =3 . And also partly coz i havent been able to go into PS since Monday..What a ding dong ._.
Other updates :
- CPU still in shop ._. I seriously doubt he knows or bothers doing it, so shall take it back tomoro.
- Swollen leg has gone down..actually juz donwan see doc again :s, still hurts though =x
- Have a few interviews next week, hopefully those go well. Knowing me, it normally does. LOL! Bleh~
How time passes by, its already Friday tomoro~! Happy happy? ^^
Neways, have a great day tomoro, and a wonderful weekend xDD!
"I said once, i will forgive but will never forget, someone said to me, then you never forgave. I wish i had amnesia everytime something happened. Maybe i'll be happier.."

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