Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It took 3 women, multiple pcs of plank, alot of screws and 1 1/2 hrs.....
To put together a DIY cabinet~ LOL! Hey..it was hard work k? But we managed to do it..as usual :p..Woohoo! Girl Power! =X.


Oh, i forgot, the day me n mum went to get it, i had to go buy it and dam it was heavy k? But i managed to get 2 guys to carry it down until Tesco's car park for me. Either im still very charming or i was lucky to meet some helpful dudes..I like to think it was the former..LOL! =X

How time flew by and its already Tuesday. Past 2 days have been so engrossed in Robot Wars lol..Im level 24 (at the time of post :p) and that only coz i havent been playin much today x.x. Was busy sleeping in the afternoon..WAD! Its the 1st time in weeks that it actually was cooling when it rained k? Anyway it was juz abt 2hrs nia la..Woke up, went for an interview, came back, took mum to get dinner, had dinner, fix cabinet, sis cut my hair again and here i am bloggin..

Busy day? Not really..lol.
Interview went well, i think..we'll see what happens after they call me fr the 2nd one :)

Hmmm..i really need to boost my squad number or else ill kena bully :( *thoughts trail off~* Aaaanyway..been watching this new series Women's Murder Club(WMC). Its in its 1st season nia, but so far the storyline is quite good. Its a this group of 4 women (hence the title.. WMC) a police detective, a public defender, a reporter and a medical examiner and together they find the bad guys :p It sounds corny i knw, but hey, its nice corny hahaha..

Other than that, nothing much happened d..yea i knw..my life's bore..but i like it =.= Oh yea, got my watch back from the shop..Missed it so much =3

Oh well, have a good week ahead guys :)


Since when did i become your "when i feel like it.." friend? Maybe i always was, but juz refused to see it for wat it was, hoping i was actually something more, not the world, but not so unimportant. I was fooling myself. I get it now...

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