Friday, April 10, 2009

If only.

After 3 torturing weeks of my leg in wraps, finally it came off tonite :)
Though this also means, no more privileges at home, and doing everything myself again..
Anyway, when i took it off, it felt so itchy coz of the med and
also coz of 3 weeks in there and nvr wash that part of my foot...ewwww gross =x
I bth str8 went to bath and scrubbed my leg x.x...its still abit swollen though,
but becoz of my scratching it, its now red and swollen..hmmm..crap=x
Took my longest bath in 3 weeks and did it standing!! lol...
3 weeks of bathing while sitting on chair while my leg propped up is no fun :(
But it still hurts abit leh...hmm..why ar? Psychology? Maybe..
Oh ya.. took my cpu to the shop again and this time left my monitor there also o.O
They say, need to chk why kenot on..zz.. juz dont tell me nthg can be done d :(
Though i suspect its my graphic card prob..sigh.
Tomoro by lunch im gonna call them see if they can do bo, if nt ima gonna
take it back..donwan leave my monitor there over the weekend..
But then i realise, when i fix my monitor to my lappy last nite, its was not so laggy..
and i can play 130+ songs leh...even do the fm o.O
I dono if its the internet smooth or wat..but it felt different..
Oh well..time to ponder a movie..loiter ard the hse till i fall asleep.
If only.
My happiness will last for more than just one day.
If only.
U showed just a little that u actually cared.
If only.
U didnt do things that made me feel unimportant to you.
If only.
I didnt feel like such a disappointment to you when u wanted something i couldnt give.
If only..

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