Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I made it!! Im finally WorldStar liao!! LOL!! =x *Cheers cheers*
The best part is...I BEAT HIM TO IT! HAHAHAHA..omfg x.x kiasuism to de max =x
Wanted to update ytd..
SO BLADI TIRED! hurhur..i sacrificed alot of sleep time to get there..
YES! IKNW! IM CRAZY! dont have to tell me again...but heck care..i shuang! =XX
On Monday i had my lvl 50 lic..then continued and, and, and
by Tuesday, i was 51 d! LOL...yeah...200k in 24hrs...i knw, im not normal..
But hor, i think he bo song me d T_T...he still owe me mega somemore hor..
Cheater :(
He say i sot somemore...wat wor..its not impossible k? Dumbass =x
And its very chi kek, when i challenge myself like this, i knw i shd better things to do..
but with my leg in a cast, i actually hv nthg better to do?
I can only sit ard at hm whole put it to good use ba..lolz
Since it was my target to reach WS b4 my 3rd yr of audi'ing...(Thanks babe fr helping <3)
Now what? hmmm...
Oh ya..i wan pearl nice T_T...really!!
Wo yao wo yao wo yao =x
See meeeee!! :p

Went to see sinseh again today and tomoro can take out bandage le xD

But now itchy as hell lor T_T...and juz now pain like wat x.x

Got my monitor today also! xDDD but cpu problem sia..zzz

Tmd tmd tmd tmd =x

Now im looking at my wide screen, which is attached to my lappy >_>

Gonna get it fixed tomoro (again =_=) hopefully i will finally be able to use it

if not ima gonna throw a bitch fit =x

OH YA, MY PET FINALLY LVLED, ytd also !!! lolzz..:p

After a gazillion, million years =x

Ok la...time for movies! On my new monitor! xP!!

Sweet Dreams peeps ^^

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